Triple Double Oreo Neapolitan

Taste Rating: 4 out of a possible 5 cookies

The first thing that I noticed about this Oreo cookie is the sensation of biting through three oreo cookie wafers. Shortly after crunching through the three cookie layers, the sweet taste of strawberry frosting hit my tongue. Then, the creamy chocolate frosting melted around the strawberry flavors. This is one unusual oreo cookie! Since this oreo cookie is on three golden cookie wafers, there is a strong buttery flavor.

The triple decker neapolitan cookie could be considered in a league of its own. Due to the three cookies, and two flavors of frosting, it is an unusual oreo cookie sensation. One drawback to have a three cookie oreo cookie is that a "box" of these oreo cookies does not provide the same number of cookies. In other words, one triple cookie has the dimension of two traditional oreo cookies.

If you enjoy eating your oreo cookies with a glass of cold milk, you may want to have a wide glass to enable you to have enough room to properly dunk the oreo cookie in the milk. Enjoy!