Oreo Fudge Rings

Taste Rating: 2 out of a possible 5 cookies

The Visual Test
This Oreo Fudge Rings is truly a ring… each cookie has a hole in the middle!  The inner-frosting of the traditional oreo is missing, and instead  a while chocolate has been drizzled across the top of the wafer cookie.

The Milk Test
Since the Oreo Fudge Rings cookie is a flat cookie in a broad circular shape, they are easy to dunk into a nice tall glass of milk.  The Oreo Fudge Ring wafer cookie is slightly denser that the traditional oreo cookie, so they absorb the milk at a slightly slower rate.  These Oreo Fudge Rings reminded me more of a cookie that might be dunked into a glass of hot tea.  Actually, the creamy Oreo Fudge Ring chocolate combined with a cup of tea tastes quite good.

The Taste
Oreo Fudge Rings tastes like a big bite of chocolate that has a creamy injection of cream glaze. There is a very satisfying crunch in each bite.