Double Stuf Golden Oreo

Taste Rating: 3 out of a possible 5 cookies

I finally got a chance to pick up the Golden Oreo with Chocolate creme. I went to the store and bought a box, got home, and poured myself a glass of cold milk. The taste test is ready to begin....

It's a pretty good cookie. It's an oreo cookie, but tastes very different. The Golden oreo cookie has a very strong taste of butter. Both a good and bad thing. The butter flavor is the first thing to hit your tongue. Ack! But then it becomes a soothing kind of buttery taste. Within a few seconds of chewing you'll taste the chocolate creme. That chocolate creme makes it all worth while.

Unfortunately, I've found the buttery taste of the cookie to be too rich for me to enjoy too many of these cookies in one seating. I can drink a glass of milk and enjoy 3, maybe 4 cookies, but not many more. That's probably a good thing. Then again, I generally don't eat more than a few cookies at any one time, but this buttery cookie forces me to eat only a few. Whereas other Oreo cookies can potentially be consumed in vast quanities, this buttery cookies gives a self-imposed quantity limit :)

As a tiny side note, and possibly a word of caution, do not leave your Golden oreo cookies on top of a piece of paper that you wish to keep. The cookie's butter quickly seeps into the paper and leaves a butter stain. Ewww!